Sail Aboard the

Svalbard Ship

with Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris

General Information

We chose the most well-equipped and comfortable ship that sails the Svalbard archipelago in the small ship category. The ship is 34 m (112 ft) with an ice-strengthened hull that enables us to explore and photograph channels and inlets other ships simply cannot reach. This ship can sail a sustained speed of 9 knots and a maximum speed of 11 knots. With Zodiacs at our disposal and only 12 passengers, this ship is perfect for exploring the beautiful inlets of the Svalbard archipelago.


Cabins: The ship’s 12 cabins are cozy and comfortable, and each person has his/her own private cabin (if you choose) and each cabin has its own private bathroom facilities.

Dining: The ship’s dining room and lounge have a panoramic view so you will not miss any action or scenery as the ship sails.

Observation Deck: Enjoy excellent wildlife and scenic viewing from the large observation deck at the front and large windows in the social areas.

Lounge: Enjoy relaxing, social gathering, photo editing, and discussing Photoshop techniques in the spacious and comfortable lounge.

Outside Decks: The outside deck also provides an open-view area for observing polar bears and other wildlife or to soak in the wonderful scenery.

Zodiacs: Two Zodiac drivers and three Zodiacs (one spare) are available to ferry passengers between the ship and shore or for cruising to see wildlife and Arctic scenery.

Deck Plan

Cabins #101, 102, 107, and 108 have one twin bed with a private bath.

Cabins #103-106, 109, 110, 201, and 202 have one double bed with a private bath.

Note: Deck plan, cabin arrangements, and cabin amenities are subject to change by ship operator. Deck plan diagrams are not drawn to scale.