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North America

About the Region

Tour some of the most wildlife-rich hotspots in North America with us. Explore Alaska from north to south and spring to fall to experience beautiful scenery and majestic animals such as Polar Bears, Moose, and Caribou. Photograph Bison, Coyotes, and swans among frosty geysers and the wintry wonderlands of Yellowstone National Park. Sail over the deep-water canyon of Monterey Bay to watch whales and dolphins that frequent the waters along the California coast.


Experience Alaska’s famous wildlife surrounded by incredible scenery! Under the excellent guidance of Alaska resident and professional photographer Hugh Rose, you will experience the true Alaskan outback and he will help you capture it with your camera. Our safaris hit Alaska in the best of seasons - see spring’s abundance in Prince William Sound, spend the summer traveling through a slice of pristine wilderness, and travel in the fall to the Arctic to see Northern Lights and Polar Bears.

Yellowstone National Park

Join us for an exceptional winter wildlife tour into the heart of Yellowstone National Park with professional photographer Tom Murphy. Photograph Yellowstone's iconic wildlife, such as Bison, Elk, Red Fox, Pronghorn, Coyote, Trumpeter Swan, and Gray Wolf, amidst a contrasting landscape of snow and steam. Visit wildlife-rich Lamar Valley, see incredible mineral terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs, and explore central Yellowstone and the Geyser Basins by private snowcoach. Capture unforgettable images of Old Faithful geyser and other thermal features by daylight and moonlight. No photographer knows this beautiful national park and its wildlife more intimately than Tom, who has chosen to work with Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris for our kindred interest in providing the most in-depth wildlife experience possible. Drawing on Tom's 35 years of exploring and guiding in Yellowstone in every season, we designed this special photo tour to deliver the best of winter in Yellowstone.

Monterey Bay

Join us for a full day of whalewatching in California's famous Monterey Bay. The California Coast is one of the best locations to observe seabirds such as shearwaters, jaegers, skuas, albatross, and alcids. Sea Otters play around in the kelp forests and friendly Humpback Whales often come right up to the ship! Bring your binoculars to look for Pacific White-sided, Common, and Risso's dolphins and perhaps even a Northern Right Whale Dolphin or the largest animal on the planet - the Blue Whale. These popular trips can fill quickly, so please contact us early for reservations.

Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe Island is located in the Pacific Ocean off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. With its clear blue water, subtropical temperatures, and an abundance of Great Whites, the protected waters surrounding Guadalupe Island is one of the absolute best places to observe and photograph these awe-inspiring animals. Watch sharks from the specially designed safe surface cages (no experience necessary!) or take the plunge in the submersible deep-water cage

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