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About the Region

Oceania is centered on the islands of the tropical Pacific Ocean including Australia, New Zealand, Palau, and Papua New Guinea. Never connected by land to a continent, these islands remained isolated, fostering the evolution of some of the most unique nature found on Earth. Join us to watch and learn about peculiar wildlife, from Platypuses to Birds of Paradise and from Kangaroos to Kiwis.


This country of approximately 340 islands is located in the western Pacific Ocean in Micronesia where English is spoken widely. These tropical islands are famous for rich underwater life found in its many reefs and coral caves. Highlights of Palau are jellyfish lakes, teaming with silky jellyfish that lost their poisonous sting in the absence of predators. Palau banned all commercial shark fishing in a sanctuary that protects about 230,000 sq. mi. of ocean becoming a global leader in protecting marine ecosystems.

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