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About the Region

Set among Europe’s iconic cultural heritage sets critically situated natural areas and parks that help protect the remaining flora and fauna. In fact, over 20% of territory in the European Union is protected in over 26,000 areas. Natural beauty is still found here in the boreal forests of the north, the mixed rainforests of the east, the tundra of the Arctic, the grassy steppes in the east, the watery coastline along the Mediterranean, and the alpine oases of the Alps.


Sparsely populated, Finland offers exceptional opportunities to observe and photograph wolverines, gray wolves, and brown bears. Spend time in photography and viewing blinds to observe and photograph these elusive mammals at close range. Sail on Lake Saimaa in Linnansaari National Park, home of the endangered and endemic Saimaa ringed seal. Meander through primeval forest and vast bogs of Patvinsuo National Park. Spend afternoons searching for resident birds and exploring the pristine lands of Valtavaara, one of Europe's best birding spots, to see capercaillie, red-flanked bluetail, little and rustic buntings, hazel grouse, three-toed woodpecker, and gray-headed chickadee. Regardless if you're an avid photographer or wildlife enthusiast, you will enjoy fabulous views of elusive and seldom seen mammals on this small-group safari!

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