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Ancient temples, Buddhist monasteries, remote preserved cultures, fascinating history, and friendly people are just some of the appealing qualities of southern Asia. Forested mountains provide diverse habitats for colorful birds in all shapes and sizes. A slower pace of life allows you to focus on photography and learning opportunities not found in other regions. Join us as we discover less traveled Asian countries together.


Journey to one of the world's most scenic and wildlife-rich regions situated on the edge of the vast Himalayan range. Venture over mountain passes, through alpine meadows, and into gorges opening onto wide valleys and farmlands. Join the quest for the rare Black-necked Crane, White-bellied Heron, vibrant pheasants, and langurs. Visit during the time of year when the skies are typically clear with views of the magnificent snow-capped Himalayan peaks, perfect for landscape photography. Travelling through this mountainous gem, folded between India and China, we are engulfed in Bhutan's strong Buddhist culture, not only in its unique architecture and abundant prayer flags, but in its adoration and respect for nature. Visit the fortress-like dzongs and monasteries, including a hike to the famous Tiger's Nest Monastery situated precariously upon a steep cliff-side. Participate in a Buddhist festival enveloped by performers in colorful, flowing costumes, and brightly painted masks dancing and acting to traditional folk music. Guided throughout by our Bhutanese leader, Hishey Tshering, you will experience all the wonder and beauty Bhutan has to offer.

Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is a Southeast Asian nation of more than 100 ethnic groups that provide the foundation for a rich cultural heritage. Only recently has Myanmar opened its borders to the western world and warmly welcomed visitors to explore its vibrant cultures. With many thousands of temples and golden pagodas, traditional villages, sweeping landscapes, and friendly people, Myanmar is truly a photographer’s dream. Our Burmese photography tour is lead by professional photographer Scott Davis, whose patience for teaching and love of capturing the essence of his subjects make him one of our most popular tour leaders.

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