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About the Region

Have you walked among 150,000 penguins? The Antarctic region is home to huge numbers of wildlife that exploit the richest oceans on the planet: whales and seals, plus penguins, albatross, and other birds. The glacier covered mountain scenery and icebergs in every shape and hue will keep your camera clicking. Since 1994 we led over 30 expeditions to this region and use our experience to continuously perfect these itineraries. Our priority is providing maximum time on shore and Zodiac cruising made possible by the largest and most dedicated staff of naturalists, photographers, historians, and geologists you will find.

Antarctic Peninsula

Sail along the far reaches of the Antarctic Peninsula among huge aqua-blue icebergs topped by penguins. Perhaps sail into the deep south, crossing the Antarctic Circle where few others have traveled. Watch the sun circle the sky as it hardly dips below the horizon, shining soft light on glaciated mountains well after midnight. Cruise down Antarctica’s Inside Passage, gazing at steep white mountains on either side of the narrow Lemaire or Neumeyer Channels. Observe Humpback Whales feeding in waters rich with krill, miraculously sustaining their 30-ton bodies. Find swift Minke and Blue Whales plying the waters for a meal. Gawk at Weddell, Crabeater, and Leopard Seals napping on bits of sea ice. And penguins! Discover the many species of penguins and marvel at how they are adapted to thrive in this frigid environment. Join us to immerse in the last truly pristine paradise on Earth and be surrounded by the miracles of nature.

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

The Falkland Islands takes bits from both South America and Antarctica, blending them into a diverse environment where you will see passerines alongside penguins. Located 300 miles off the east coast of southern South America, the Falklands consist of two major islands (East and West) and several hundred outlaying islands giving us a plethora of habitats to explore. Walk through landscapes of tussock and heath to absorb wide-open vistas of mountains and plains. Watch five different penguin species: Rockhopper, Gentoo, King, Macaroni, and Magellanic as they perform penguin antics for your camera. Explore some of the largest colonies in the world of Black-browed Albatross spread for miles along the coast of Steeple Jason Island. See rare Striated Caracaras and endemic Falkland Flightless Steamer Ducks. Experience some of the most southern colonies of breeding South American Sea Lions containing huge males defending their harem and females with young pups.

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