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Svalbard Islands:
A Polar Expedition Like No Other

June 29 to July 12, 2023 | July 9 to 22, 2023

Svalbard Islands:
A Polar Expedition Like No Other

From June 29 to July 12, 2023 and July 9 to 22, 2023, two groups of Cheesemans’ Ecology travelers embarked on expeditions to become Arctic explorers of the Svalbard Archipelago. Nestled between Norway and the North Pole, this pristine wilderness served as our playground for two weeks at a time under the enchanting glow of the midnight sun. Join us as we recount the highlights and unforgettable experiences of our Arctic journey in the realm of the polar bear, complete with testimonials from our travelers that bring the adventure and unforgettable wildlife encounters vividly to life.

Day 1 – Arrival in Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Our adventure began in Longyearbyen, the largest settlement on the Svalbard Archipelago. This quaint Scandinavian town, set against the stark beauty of the Arctic, welcomes with its unique charm and the day was spent exploring local attractions, last minute shopping, and soaking in the breathtaking landscapes that beckoned our further exploration by ship the next two weeks.

Day 2 – Embarking on Our Arctic Voyage

Embarkation day! We boarded our vessel, set to navigate through the icy realms of the Arctic. The excitement was palpable as we embarked from Longyearbyen, ready to explore the vast fjords and rugged wilderness awaiting us.

“It was a trip of a lifetime! This is my third and best Cheesemans’ trip. I didn’t think Antarctica could be topped but this was even better, probably because of the smaller group of travelers. We had nice cabins, a great crew, and two knowledgeable, friendly and fun guides. Most days were sunny. Wildlife was plentiful and the scenery was breathtaking. -Lynn DuPratt

“We experienced everything we hoped to with the added benefit of Cheesemans’ expert guides.” -Lori & Richard Rothstein

Days 3-9 – Highlights of the Expedition

Throughout our voyage, we immersed ourselves in the unparalleled beauty of the Svalbard Archipelago. Here are a few standout moments:

Wildlife Encounters: Our primary goal was to spot the mythical polar bear in its natural habitat. With 24 hours of daylight, each day offered endless opportunities to witness these majestic creatures, as well as other iconic Arctic wildlife like walruses and various whale species.

Zodiac Cruises: Small, agile Zodiac boats allowed us to approach the base of massive glaciers and navigate close to the nesting sites of seabird colonies. These excursions provided us with up-close experiences of the archipelago’s rich birdlife and stunning ice formations.

Photography Workshops: Under the guidance of Scott Davis, our group enhanced their photography skills, capturing the ethereal beauty of the Arctic landscape and its inhabitants. These workshops were a highlight for many, offering professional tips and techniques for wildlife and landscape photography.

Exploring Remote Inlets: The flexibility of our small group and the maneuverability of our ship allowed us to enter narrow inlets and straits, exploring areas that larger vessels could not reach. This access to untouched parts of the archipelago made our expedition truly special.

“Close interactions with polar bears, arctic foxes, and ice cruising were among the most unforgettable experiences.” -James Horsch

“Following an arctic fox along the shore for some 45 minutes was an absolute thrill.” -Stephen Tauber

Day 10 – Disembarkation and Reflections

As our journey neared its end, we disembarked in Longyearbyen. The last day was spent reflecting on our experiences and sharing stories of the incredible sights and encounters. The sense of camaraderie among the group was strong, forged through shared adventure and awe-inspiring moments.

“First rate from the office (Lauren), to our guides, to the crew aboard the ship. A seamless and wonderful experience from start to finish.” -Tom & Lindsay Bell

“You have great guides…  and small trip experience is priceless” -Mary Ann Fernandez and Richard Pierce

“Magnificently operated; great ship crew; congenial group that was a pleasure to travel with. Great attention to detail, superb leadership.” -Stephen Tauber

“Your scale is too small. This trip was WAY more than ‘very good.’ In fact this was the most remarkable trip experience of my life!!” -Robyn Carmel

“Traveling with Cheesemans’ means you’ll have access to remote and incredible places with the added comfort of being in expert hands.” -Lori & Richard Rothstein

Looking Ahead: July 2025 Svalbard Expedition

Inspired by the success of our 2023 expedition, we are excited to announce our next journey to the Svalbard Islands in July 2025. This upcoming trip promises more breathtaking encounters with Arctic wildlife, stunning landscapes, and the serene beauty of the polar night.

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Whether you’re a photography enthusiast eager to capture the stark beauty of the ice, a wildlife lover fascinated by Arctic fauna, or an adventurer seeking to explore one of the planet’s most pristine environments, the Svalbard expedition offers an unrivaled experience.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary adventure. Join us as we return to the realm of the polar bear and experience the magic of the Arctic together.

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