Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris

Ecotourism & Conservation
in Bhutan

Bird Watching © Debbie Thompson

By traveling with Cheesemans’ to Bhutan, you directly support the ecotourism industry, broader conservation efforts, local communities, and the country as a whole. Our local operator is committed to using locally-owned lodges and suppliers, so you can feel confident that your tourism dollars stay in Bhutan to benefit its people and ecosystems. Further, the taxes paid by our operator and the $200 daily visitor Sustainable Development Fee go directly towards offsetting the carbon impact of tourism as well providing free healthcare and education for Bhutan’s citizens, which are key aspects of the  Bhutanese government’s utilization of GNH (Gross National Happiness) to develop policy, as opposed to GNP (Gross National Product), believing that the sustainable development and a holistic approach towards progress naturally foster non-economic and economic aspects of well-being.

Bhutan’s ecotourism industry benefits the region economically and environmentally. Our local operator is an ardent conservationist. He previously worked for the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature and continues to raise funds for and supports programs focusing on safeguarding biodiversity, respecting local culture, and providing sustainable income generation through ecotourism. In addition, he is the chairman of Bhutan Birdlife Society, which is a grassroots-level organization created by enthusiastic birders to maintain bird data through an App called Epicollect5. This App releases a monthly journal on the status and distribution of birds in Bhutan. Day-to-day, our operator sets a positive example for others by eliminating plastic usage by providing tanks of purified water on buses for reusable water bottles. In addition, his hotel in Yongkhola (Trogon Village) provides filtered water and soaps without packaging. In broad and seemingly small ways, your travel to Bhutan with Cheesemans’ prioritizes sustainability.

Trongsa Dzong © Cheesemans' Ecology Safaris

How Can You Make A Difference?

How You Can Actively Contribute


  • Keep an eBird list for each outing – you don’t need to track EVERY bird you see. See our Reading and Resource List for more details.
  • Take GPS-referenced wildlife and nature photos, and upload to iNaturalist. See our Reading and Resource List for more details.


  • Give a talk about your experience to a local wildlife or nature group or host a virtual webinar to reach a much wider audience!
  • Post your experiences on social media so others can learn more.
  • Submit a written, video, or audio testimonial for Cheesemans’ to share with future travelers.
Acting Locally


  • Support local vendors if you buy memorabilia to take home.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle to refill rather than accepting plastic bottles.
  • Ask for the lodging to not replace your towels or bedding during multiple night stays.
  • Turn off lights and fans when leaving your room.
  • Bring biodegradable soap to save waterways. This can also help minimize plastic bottle waste by reducing the number of bottles hotels provide (although many hotels are switching to dispensers in the bathrooms.).

Organizations You Can Support

Royal Society for the Protection of Nature  – This organization seeks to educate and inspire active involvement in conservation of the Kingdom’s environment through a variety of programs including Black-Necked Crane Conservation, White-Bellied Heron Conservation, Waste Management for Human Health and Environment, Climate Change, Argo-Ecological Farming, River for Life, Water for Livelihoods, Wetland Conservation, Community-based Sustainable Tourism, Eco-Restoration, and Environmental Education for Change.

Bhutan Birdlife Society  – This grassroots, citizen’s science organization collects and maintains data of birds through an application called Epicollect5. They release a monthly journal conveying the status and distribution of birds in Bhutan.

Bhutan Toilet Organization  – This organization seeks to make clean and safe toilets accessible for all people by raising public awareness and promoting volunteerism. They provide different toileting and handwashing services for events, schools, highway stops, and camping, as well as options for individuals who are confined to their rooms and/or beds.

Thimphu City Football Club (FC) – This FC has a powerful impact on the youth of Thimphu City.