Our company ethos has always regarded conservation as inseparable from responsible tourism. We struggle with the dilemma that traveling worldwide expends climate-changing carbon. However, we wholeheartedly believe that traveling with us will cultivate your passion for conserving our beautiful world, while stimulating each destination’s local economies. We encourage you to explore the various ways in which Cheesemans’ operates within this context:

Cheesemans' Trips Are Carbon Neutral

Because we actively seek to be ecology-focused in everything we do, we calculate the carbon emissions generated by vehicles (cars, boats/ships, and planes) during your trip and donate the sum to Sustainable Travel International's carefully-vetted carbon negative projects.

Offsetting Your Travel To/From Our Trip

We ask you to pledge to offset the carbon emissions for your travel to and from our trips. Use this tool to calculate your emissions and purchase your carbon offset today through Sustainable Travel International, or through your favorite carbon offsetting organization.