Wildlife Treks, Komodo Dragons, Mesmerizing Waters

Sulawesi and Komodo
July 6 to 19, 2024

Cost: $9,200
Leader: Charlie Ryan
Group Size: 7
Days: 14

Safari Overview

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Explore unique corners of the this vast and varied Indonesian archipelago by foot, boat, and fins. Travel to North Sulawesi and spend three full days trekking to find rare animals such as the tarsier, macaques, and many bird species. Then depart for Komodo Island to search for the world’s largest lizards: Komodo dragons. You will have ample opportunities to snorkel the spectacular waters around your lodge, as well as en route between locations, where you will find hard and soft corals and plenty of marine life including giant manta rays, which can be upwards of 22 feet wide and weigh 4000 pounds!


  • Hike Tangkoko National Park for three full days.
  • Spend four mornings searching for Komodo dragons.
  • Snorkel at the lodge reef and other wonderful spots around Komodo.

Updated: June 2023

Our Trip Leaders

Charlie Ryan

After signing up for a volunteer program in Indonesia in 2008, Charlie was re-routed to Sabah, Borneo where he helped set up community initiative programs for the Abai village. He has resided in Sabah ever since. Charlie guides for the National Geographic Adventure groups in Borneo and helps train nature guides, providing them with first-hand knowledge and experience. He is also an avid photographer, which compliments his passion for wildlife, culture, and travel.

Sulawesi and Komodo

Discover Sulawesi’s wilderness, encounter rare animals, dive into mesmerizing waters, witness majestic manta rays—an extraordinary Indonesian adventure awaits.

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