Snorkeling and Kayaking Micronesia

Palau Snorkeling
May 24 to June 4, 2024

Cost: $6,125
Leader: Macstyl Sasao
Group Size: 12
Days: 12

Safari Overview

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Partake of unspoiled paradise as you paddle and snorkel this Eden-like archipelago adorning the Pacific waters of Micronesia. You will be astounded by the pristine beauty preserved partially by natural elements like towering limestone islands but also through Palau’s designation of its 193,000 square miles of ocean territory as a fully protected marine reserve. The unusual combination of people and nature working together sustains this wonderland and provides you the opportunity to explore a world of incredibly diverse, flourishing coral with thriving fish and shark populations. Though the ocean is what draws you to Palau, in your time above the water, you will be awestruck by the landscape created by over 300 coral and volcanic islands. Beauty will envelope you above and below the surface.


  • Seek out 500 species of coral and 1,300 species of reef fish.
  • Explore the “Underwater Serengeti,” superschools of fish along with many sharks and manta rays.
  • Swim among a myriad of stingless jelly fish.
  • “Adopt a Clam” by naming and replanting them in secret locations.
  • Discover the Blue Hole and the underwater canyons of Ngercheu.


  • Begin your journey early on our Palau Diving trip from May 15 to 26, 2024. Spend seven nights aboard the Palau Siren with multiple dives per day, during the day and night, exploring Palau’s best sites.

Itinerary Updated: October 2022

Our Trip Leaders

Macstyl Sasao

Macs grew up in Palau and the Pacific Northwest of the US. His relatives taught him the advanced arts of Micronesian hunting and fishing. He quickly adapted to a lifestyle that revolves around the moon and the tides, which  requires an intimate knowledge of fish behavior and the ability to free dive under the full moon to find masses of spawning fish. As ecotourism developed in Palau, finding that his knowledge translated well into photography, Macs traded his spear gun for an underwater camera. He now shares his passion for Palau's environment as a guide and photographer.


Sail tropical islands in the western Pacific Ocean on our scientific exploration of the Palau National Marine Reserve.

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