Avian Jewels of the Choco Region

February 11 to 18, 2024

Cost: $3,420
Leader: Jose Luna
Group Size: 8
Days: 8

Safari Overview

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Bask in avian wealth with the richest bird diversity in the world. Colombia boasts the highest number of bird species anywhere on the earth, and the Cali area alone has 562 documented species, more than all of Europe. With the beautiful Araucana Lodge as your homebase, you will encounter an incredible variety of ecosystems in a relatively compact area. From the tanagers, hummingbirds, and cock-of-the-rocks in the Western Andes to flycatchers, piculets, and antbirds of the wetlands, the abundance of birdlife will amaze you at every turn. In addition to maximum time in nature to interact with wildlife and enjoy the majestic scenery, privileged local access will provide you the opportunity to be immersed in the Columbian lifestyle.


  • Sojourn at the new Araucana Lodge (owned, operated, and designed for birders where you will experience farm-to-table meals including organic produce grown on property).
  • Delight in watching possibly 22 species of hummingbirds.
  • Be dazzled by the color, movements, and sounds of cock-of-the-rock leks.
  • Attend a festival of tanagers (including scarlet-and-white, golden-chested, and gray-and-gold varieties) in the Anchicaya Watershed.
  • Observe a multitude of endemic and near endemic (birds that have more than half of their distribution in this area but have spread to neighboring regions) species in disparate habitats.


  • Continue your journey on the Santa Marta mountains extension. You will travel up from the Caribbean shore to the world’s highest coastal peak encountering incredible bird diversity including an abundance of endemics.

Itinerary Updated: November 2024

Our Trip Leaders

Jose Luna

Jose was born and raised in the western Andes of Colombia, and he has been birding since he was 16 years old. Jose was the first guide to join Colombia Birdwatch and has since traveled throughout most regions of Colombia with hundreds of guests from all corners of the world. Jose shines amongst his colleagues for his calm demeanor, friendliness, and proficiency in English, not to mention his ability to find birds.


Encounter the most bird-diverse locale on the planet known locally as a branch of heaven.

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